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PBS NewsHour Corrects Claim that Iran Has a “Nuclear Weapons Program”

Yesterday, the PBS NewsHour posted a correction to a story in which it described Iran’s nuclear program as a “weapons program” – despite the assessment of the U.S. Intelligence Community that Iran has not made the decision to build a nuclear weapon.  The remark by PBS NewsHour’s Jeffrey Brown had come under fire from the...

FAIR: PBS Newshour Botches Basic Fact about Iran Dispute

The national media watchdog group, Fair and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR), took the PBS Newshour to task yesterday for its reporting on Iran’s nuclear program:
Fact Checking the Media on Iran - The Story So Far

Fact Checking the Media on Iran – The Story So Far

The uncritical promotion and amplification in U.S. media of claims that Iraq had “weapons of mass destruction” played a crucial role in preparing U.S. public opinion, if not to support, then at least to acquiesce in, the U.S. invasion of Iraq on false pretenses and in violation of international law in 2003. Thousands of U.S....

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