Chalk up another win for media accountability. Thanks to everyone who took action at to call out the Associated Press for its misleading article, “Graph Suggests Iran Working on a Bomb,” we once again succeeded in stopping the pro-Iran war narrative in its tracks.

Less than 24 hours after we issued our action alert demanding a clarification, and after you sent nearly 1,000 emails to the AP through, the AP published a clarification story and reached out to NIAC. Their clarification story acknowledged the expert criticism leveled and addressed the inconstancies in their initial report.

The efforts of not just, but also Bulletin of American Scientists, the Arms Control Association, Glenn Greenwald, Lobelog, and Muhammad Sahimi to expose this story, managed to stop another myth from becoming spun into a fact as part of the push for war with Iran.

While the AP should have got it right the first time, this is an important victory. The officials from the unnamed country who the AP says leaked the graph as part of an effort to make the case for war with Iran now have some explaining to do.  The credibility of the pro-war argument has taken yet another hit.

In the past month, challenged the pro-war crowd’s arguments in the largest newspaper in circulation, the Wall Street Journal, and one of the top wire services, Associated Press. And thanks to your help, both times we won. We didn’t have this in the lead up to war with Iraq. We are forcing a debate on the facts, and this is the debate that will prevent another war of choice.