In response to the letters sent through our Iran Fact Check program, last night The Wall Street Journal issued a rare, formal correction to its op-ed setting a deadline for the “crippling” of Iran’s economy and war with Iran.  In that op-ed, Reul Marc Gerecht and Mark Dubowitz of the neoconservative “Foundation for Defense of Democracies” falsely claimed Iran’s enrichment facilities are subject to international inspections less often than they really occur to justify deadlines for war that were premature even under their own metric.

Thank you for taking a stand against twisting the facts for war.  Together, we can hold the media accountable, and help ensure we aren’t misled into yet another war.

Here’s the correction that ran in the Journal:


The International Atomic Energy Agency inspects Iran’s uranium-enrichment facilities at Natanz and Fordow every two weeks. The Oct. 24 op-ed, “Countdown to the Red Line in Iran,” said the inspections occurred monthly. The biweekly frequency alters calculations in the piece about Iran’s nuclear breakout capacity and the economic “cripple date” for sanctions to work. The breakout capacity would move to July 2014 from January 2014—which would become the cripple date, moving from July 2013.


Jamal Abdi

Policy Director
National Iranian American Council