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No, Iran is not enriching uranium to weapons grade

While Iran is producing low enriched uranium (LEU) at the 3.5% and 20% levels, it is not producing high enriched uranium (HEU) and is not enriching to weapons grade, widely considered to be 90%. On March 12, 2013 Senator Chuck Schumer, in a letter to his constituents, sought to defend his decision to support S.RES...

Netanyahu Takes Cheney’s Seat at Meet the Press

By Robert Naiman and Jamal Abdi If you happened to catch Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Meet the Press this past Sunday, you may have thought you were watching a rerun from ten years ago. After all, it was September 2002–almost a decade ago to the day–that Dick Cheney went on Meet the Press to sell Americans a...

Does Israel Consider Iran an “Existential Threat”?

Fact: While many media outlets and politicians often state that Iran is an “existential threat” to Israel, many senior Israeli defense officials argue this simply isn’t true.

Do Israel and the U.S. Consider Iran Irrational?

Fact: Top Israeli and U.S. officials agree Iran is a rational actor.

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