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Reuters Corrects False Claim Iran Enriching Weapons-Grade Uranium

In response to a request from NIAC, Reuters has corrected two articles containing inaccurate, misleading statements regarding Iran’s nuclear program. A December 6 article by Reuters claims, “Washington says Tehran is enriching uranium to levels that could be used in nuclear weapons.” And on December 10, Reuters wrote “The West suspects Iran is enriching uranium to levels that...

PBS NewsHour Corrects Claim that Iran Has a “Nuclear Weapons Program”

Yesterday, the PBS NewsHour posted a correction to a story in which it described Iran’s nuclear program as a “weapons program” – despite the assessment of the U.S. Intelligence Community that Iran has not made the decision to build a nuclear weapon.  The remark by PBS NewsHour’s Jeffrey Brown had come under fire from the...

Wall Street Journal Corrects False Claims for War

In response to the letters sent through our Iran Fact Check program, last night The Wall Street Journal issued a rare, formal correction to its op-ed setting a deadline for the “crippling” of Iran’s economy and war with Iran.  In that op-ed, Reul Marc Gerecht and Mark Dubowitz of the neoconservative “Foundation for Defense of...

FAIR: PBS Newshour Botches Basic Fact about Iran Dispute

The national media watchdog group, Fair and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR), took the PBS Newshour to task yesterday for its reporting on Iran’s nuclear program:

Iran Fact Check: Top 5 Myths

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Jamal Abdi Phone: 202-386-6408 Email: Iran and its nuclear program will undoubtedly feature prominently in tonight’s presidential debate on foreign policy.  However, pervasive myths, distortions, and oversimplifications continue to distort the debate on Iran.  To confront these myths, the National Iranian American Council (NIAC), together with Just Foreign Policy, has launched...

Does Iran have fissile material for five nuclear weapons?

“When Barack Obama was elected, they had enough fissile material, nuclear material, to make one bomb. Now they have enough to make five.  They’re racing toward a nuclear weapon.” – Republican Vice Presidential Nominee Paul Ryan, October 11, 2012. Fact: Iran does not have any fissile nuclear material that could be used in a nuclear...

Are sanctions on Iran targeted at the Iranian regime and nuclear program?

Fact:  While many sanctions measures are at least nominally aimed at the Iranian government and its nuclear program, the sanctions on Iran are deeply affecting the Iranian people.

Is an Iranian nuclear weapon imminent?

Fact: An Iranian nuclear weapon is not imminent.  U.S. and Israeli intelligence assess that Iran is not actively building a bomb, and that it would take Iran at least two to three years to have a deliverable weapon.

Do Israelis Want War with Iran?

Fact: The majority of Israelis oppose an Israeli attack on Iran without U.S. backing, and many Israeli intelligence, military, and political officials have spoken out against an Israeli attack.

Does Israel Consider Iran an “Existential Threat”?

Fact: While many media outlets and politicians often state that Iran is an “existential threat” to Israel, many senior Israeli defense officials argue this simply isn’t true.

Do Israel and the U.S. Consider Iran Irrational?

Fact: Top Israeli and U.S. officials agree Iran is a rational actor.

Has Iran Threatened to Use Nuclear Weapons against Israel and the U.S.?

Fact: Iran has never threatened to use nuclear weapons.

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